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The Your Kids: Cooking! cookbook is specially designed for children to easily follow along. It features visuals and step-by-step instructions to help your future chef gain cooking confidence.

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“Not only a great cookbook but a really useful tool to give children the power to control their diet in a healthy way!” – Chrissie C.

Your Kids: Cooking! is the perfect program to teach kids how to follow a recipe and cook meals from beginning to end. The program is a fun and engaging way to teach little chefs ages 8 and up to cook. It teaches over 100 cooking skills, methods, techniques, and terms including all of the basics any chef needs. It also teaches basic nutrition concepts to encourage healthy cooking and promote great eating habits from a young age. Each lesson uses step-by-step video demonstrations as well as a kid-friendly recipe format with pictures of every step. The kids do all of the cooking themselves with an adult “sous chef”, making it fun for them and a guaranteed success, whether the supervising adult knows how to cook or not.

Your Kids: Cooking! creates helpful, motivated, self-sufficient kids, who are empowered to make healthy and informed food choices. It gives them the skills, knowledge, and confidence to cook anything they want for the rest of their lives! This program is the perfect way to teach your little chef how to use their Curious Chef tools.

What’s our secret recipe?

  • A unique combination of book and DVD that puts kids in charge of the entire cooking process so it’s fun and rewarding for them and relaxing for you – the sous chef!
  • Step-by-step recipe preparation demonstrations on DVD and the book that teach kids everything they need to know, so you don’t have to.
  • A unique kid-friendly recipe format with pictures of every step so kids can complete each recipe all on their own.
  • Streamlined lessons that fit effortlessly into your normal meal preparation routine so you can enjoy quality time with your kids while they learn a valuable, lifelong skill.

Pairing this program with Curious Chef® tools gives your kids everything they need to get them cooking—and eating— delicious, home-cooked meals the whole family can enjoy!

“With detailed instructions and mouthwatering pictures, this is a wonderful cookbook to use to introduce children to cooking. I am impressed that the author picked healthy ingredients and also gave information about food safety for anyone who cooks. A must-have for anyone who wants to get their kids excited about cooking.” – Michael K.

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