Cooking with Curious Chef

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Bring your kids’ creativity and a whole bunch of fun into the kitchen with the Cooking with Curious Chef interactive cookbook!

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The Cooking with Curious Chef cookbook is more than just a book of delicious recipes: it’s an interactive teaching tool for kids! Each of the thirty-six recipes includes a shopping list and pictures of ingredients and utensils the recipe requires. Step-by-step picture directions show and tell your child how to complete each step of the recipe while helping them cultivate their cooking skills!

Learning-by-doing tips and instructions throughout each chapter help your budding chef master select skills, techniques and concepts. Each chapter features a different activity to inspire your child’s cooking creativity, plus a cooking-related puzzle for kids to complete while they’re waiting during cook time. This interactive cookbook will help your child develop essential cooking skills while teaching them valuable nutritional information to help them eat better and cook smarter! Create life-long memories by spending time with your kids as they learn how to cook with Cooking with Curious Chef.

Product Specifications

  • 36 Recipes – including 12 with step by step photo instructions
  • 24 Activities that teach your little one about food and the kitchen
  • The hardcover & concealed spiral binding allows the book to lay flat to complete written activities & easily view recipes
  • Shopping and Tool Checklists and activity for each recipe
  • Helps your child learn basic measurement and conversions
  • Connects cooking with subjects they’re taught in school like math, science and history
  • Teaches kids important safety tips for working in the kitchen
  • Green adult helper icons included next to recipe steps that require adult supervision
  • Teaches kids the basics of nutrition and healthy food choices


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