Give Parents a Break

It’s no secret that being a parent can be stressful. Letting grandma and grandpa come over and entertain the kids for a couple hours can really help lessen the load.

Learn About Mom & Dad

Kids love to hear all grandpa’s funny stories about their mom or dad when they were younger. These cute little anecdotes can help kids see their parents in a different light, which makes it a lot easier to relate to them. 

Emotional & Social Intelligence

Studies have shown that spending time with grandparents can increase emotional intelligence in kids. Healthy grandparent/grandchild relationships reduce the risk of behavioral issues in kids and lead to stronger social behavior. A 2014 Boston College study even found that close relationships between grandparents and grandchildren leads to lower rates of depression – in both the grandparents and the kids. 

Intergenerational Bonding

It’s important for kids to develop healthy relationships with people of different ages. Spending time with grandparents from a young age makes kids less likely to show bias towards older adults when they grown up. 

Take a Glimpse into the Past 

Learning about family history can help kids gain a better understanding of where they came from, which can play a major role in developing their self awareness. And a grandparents’ knowledge stretches beyond just family history. Many grandparents have direct experience with major moments in world history as well. They’re a foundation of knowledge to help kids learn about the world around them. 

Develop a New Skill

Chances are grandma and grandpa possess hands-on skills that many people in the younger generations are losing. Whether it be knitting, cooking, woodworking, or gardening, learning how to do new things is a great way to experience happy memories with grandparents and develop a skill that can be passed on for even more generations to come. 

Love & Support 

Grandparents bring a sense of unconditional love and support to a child’s life. This type of stability can be extremely beneficial for children when they experience difficult life changes. Events like bullying, moving, changing schools, or divorce can cause a lot of stress in a child’s life, but there’s a great comfort knowing grandma or grandpa is there for support.  

Learn How to Behave in Other Homes

It’s important for kids to learn that other households are run differently than their own. Visiting a grandparent’s house is a great opportunity to practice how to follow a different set of house rules. 

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