Looking for ways to get your kids involved with the Thanksgiving meal this year? No matter their age, there are ways for little chefs to help with every part of the meal! Check out some of our favorite Thanksgiving cooking activities for kids. 

Slice up the Stuffing

Have your kiddos help you slice veggies for your favorite stuffing recipe. With a kid-friendly nylon plastic knife, you can introduce knife safety lessons without worrying about accidents. 

A back-and-forth sawing motion is the perfect technique to get through celery and onions. Just keep in mind…you may need to help out with the onions to avoid tears (from the kids at least!)

Mash Away

Mashing and stirring potatoes is a great task for older kids. If they’re still too young to exert the force needed to get through the potatoes, mash them a bit yourself beforehand and let them finish it off. 

Get Rolling

Little chefs as young as one or two can help roll crescent roll dough. Break apart the sections yourself and give them the rolling job. They’ll feel extra special and proud when given the chance to have a job of their own!

If you’re making homemade bread, try letting them take a turn kneading the dough. 

Turkey Time

Since you’re dealing with raw meat, a large part of turkey prep is better left to the grown ups. Even so, there are still ways kids can help with the turkey. 

Try putting them in charge of the seasoning. Show them all the different seasonings you’ll need (rosemary, ground mustard, cayenne, etc.) and help them measure them out with some kid-friendly measuring spoons. Kids can also help stir them all together in a bowl to combine the seasoning mixture. 

Pie Preparation 

There’s a good chance pie is your kiddos favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal…and who could blame them!? The good news is – there are tons of ways kids can help with pie baking! 

Mix ingredients together, roll out dough, or brush egg wash or butter onto the crust. They can even help cut the crust into a fun, decorative pattern using a kid-safe pastry wheel

Get them their very own kids pie kit so they have all the tools they’ll need to get in on your family’s pie tradition. 

If you’re looking for some fun, original kids Thanksgiving recipes to make all month long, check out these adorable ideas from Fork and Beans!

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