Baking cookies is one of our favorite holiday pastimes! It’s a great time to create memories baking as a family. Get the kids in the kitchen this holiday season with these easy Christmas cookie recipes for kids.  

Santa Oreos 

This adorable recipe from Positively Splendid gives a quick and easy upgrade to the plain golden Oreo. Kids will love the friendly faces on these cookies! Try letting your little sous chef dip the cookies in frosting while you tackle the more difficult tasks like piping the Santa hat. 

Soft Gingerbread Cookies 

Gingerbread cookies have always been a classic go-to Christmas cookie. This soft gingerbread cookie recipe from Just so Tasty makes this timeless treat even more kid-friendly. Get a full set of Christmas-themed cookie cutters to make gingerbread cookies in multiple fun holiday shapes!

Cake Mix Chocolate Chip Santa Cookies 

Not an expert baker? No worries – make it easy for yourself by tapping into the boxed mix with this simple cake mix cookie recipe from The Rebel Chick. Pre-made mixes can be great for little ones with a shorter attention span. Give them the chance to measure & stir a few ingredients, without spending hours making cookies from scratch. 

Christmas Lights Cookies 

This festive recipe from Dessert for Two can turn your basic sugar cookies into a colorful delight! You don’t have to be an expert cookie decorator to nail this design. Have your little one help frost the cookies or lay down the M&Ms to get in on the decorating action!

Christmas Pretzel Hugs

Make these tasty bite-sized treats in just a few steps! This recipe from Dessert Now Dinner Later was made for those of us that need a holiday cookie in less than 10 minutes! Be sure to have a pair of kids’ oven mitts on hand to keep kids from touching the baking sheet when it’s fresh out of the oven. 

Ritz Rollo Cookies 

For another quick & easy recipe, try these Ritz Rollo cookies from Crafty Morning. All you need are two ingredients: Ritz crackers & Rollos! Kids can help lay rollos on crackers and smash the top cracker down when the rollos are warm. 

Melted Snowman Chocolate Bark 

These adorable treats from Princess Pinky Girl  add a cute and playful element to chocolate bark – making it the perfect recipe for kids! All this one takes is melting some chocolate and adding fun snowman fixings. Some pretzels and a few candies later, you’ve got yourself a festive dessert or snack the whole family will love.

Christmas Sprinkle Cookie Cups 

These little Christmas cups from Inspired by Charm make such a fun party treat! Get your little ones involved in stirring ingredients together, shaping the dough into balls, and piping frosting. Pick up a kids’ decorator set to practice piping frosting into the cups with different fun pattern tips. 

Cut Out Sugar Cookies 

We couldn’t leave the classic sugar cookie off the list! This timeless treat is an all-time favorite of kids who love decorating cookies. What we love most about this recipe from Joy Food Sunshine is the frosting! It’s made to harden and, therefore, limits the messiness of eating – yes please!

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    So much goodness in a page! I am sorry to tell you that I cant wait for Christmas before we try them out.
    You will hear from me soon, when we pull some of these wonders off.
    Thanks so much for sharing.


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