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Culinary Kids

California Kids' Cooking Class Provider

Culinary Kids’ founder Bonnie Bachelor is an elementary school teacher-turned kids’ cooking class extraordinaire. In 2008, she opened Culinary Kids in her local community center for its first summer of “cooking camps.” Since then Culinary Kids has grown to eight cities in Orange County and enrolls over 700 young chefs during the summers. They’ve also expanded to include after-school enrichment programs and kids’ birthday parties.

In Culinary Kids’ classes children between the ages of 5 and 13 create theme-based snacks and meals to share with family and friends. Through the core values of teamwork, independence, and learning, the Culinary Kids Vision is to empower children to be lifelong learners by developing confidence through shared experiences and mutual encouragement.


Culinary Kids was born out of a love of teaching and good food.


New York City Non-profit

Culikid was founded in 2016 to help individuals of all abilities, including those with special needs, strengthen their social and independent living skills through healthy culinary experiences. Culikid uses cooking as an opportunity for individuals to increase independence, build relationships, practice fine motor and academic skills, and learn how to eat healthier.

The organization started with quarterly popup cooking classes for children with special needs and has since grown to offer classes on a monthly to bi-monthly basis. Culikid also added new programs which include a weekly teen cooking class (Foodie Friends) and a summer cooking camp for children and teens.

Children with diagnoses such as autism may be more likely to avoid foods based on sensory sensitivity or due to valuing their known routines. We’ve seen that after cooking, a child will be more likely to try a new food than if they were served something unfamiliar that they did not help prepare.
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Apron Masters Kitchen

Long Island Kosher Kitchen

Apron Masters Kitchen (AMK) is the first recreational kosher cooking school on Long Island geared to kids and adults. Founded in 2019, AMK was born from the desire to improve the options for kosher recreational activities within the community and provide a relaxed environment that encourages everyone to learn about food.

AMK hosts classes, special events, competitions, demonstrations, product launches, food photography and more in their 2,400 square foot home-style kitchen. Founders Roee Mordechai and Sharona Furman believe that food brings people together, and that Apron Masters Kitchen is the perfect place for everyone of all ages to gather, inspire and create.

Being comfortable in the kitchen is an important skill regardless of age or experience.

How to Become a Curious Partner


A Curious Chef Partner…

  • Is a cooking or gardening educator who hosts frequent classes or events for young chefs and/or gardeners between the ages of 4 and 12
  • Has used (and enjoyed) Curious Chef and/or Curious Gardener products in classes or events in the past
  • Frequently uses Curious Chef and/or Curious Gardener products to cook and/or garden


We expect our Curious Chef Partners to….

  • Use Curious Chef and/or Curious Gardener frequently in classes or events
  • Promote the use of Curious Chef or Curious Gardener tools for customer use outside of the class or event
  • Be comfortable sharing photos with us so we can share them on our social media accounts
  • Be comfortable sharing original recipes with us for use on the Curious Chef Blog (with attribution and links back to your site)


Benefits of being a Curious Chef Partner:

  • Specific partnership benefits are negotiable and may vary between partners (see examples of possible benefits below)
  • Have some of your content shared and re-posted
  • Be listed on the Curious Chef website – with links to your website and social media pages
  • Have your recipes shared on the Curious Chef Blog with links back to your site

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