Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Information

  • What makes Curious Chef® different from competitive products?

    Most competitor products are toy-like in design that target pretend activities rather than real cooking. Curious Chef products are real utensils and cooking tools that are uniquely designed for young children. Each product is a result of years of testing and research to ensure they are functional and practical while remaining safe for kids.

  • Can I order directly from your website?

    Of course! You can shop the full line of Curious Chef products conveniently on our website. It just takes a few clicks to place an order through our secure ordering system. If you are having any issues or have any questions, you can always contact our customer service specialists at

  • Will more products be added in the future?

    Yes, the Curious Chef line will be reviewed and updated annually as we continue to work to provide your family and kids with unique real kitchen tools. We are looking for your feedback to help guide that process and welcome all thoughts and ideas. Please give us your comments and suggestions through our Help Desk.

  • Are the Curious Chef utensils dishwasher safe?

    Yes, all the utensils are dishwasher safe (except the timer).

  • How can a tough stain be removed from Curious Chef utensils?

    We recommend soaking the stained portion of the tool in a 50% bleach/50% water solution for 24 hours to remove difficult stains. Thoroughly wash tool after soaking before using tool again.

  • Are Curious Chef utensils BPA Free?

    Yes, Curious Chef products are BPA Free and are certified to be in compliance with all relevant standards including the CPSC lead and phthalate limits. We take your kids health and safety in the highest regards!

  • What are the safety features of Curious Chef utensils?

    Curious Chef kids cooking utensils come with the following safety features:

    • All products were designed with safety features that help children learn how to cook safely and easily.
    • Scaled to fit small hands
    • Contain non-slip handles for a better grip
    • All cutlery features a plastic cutting blade with a blunt tip
    • All products are BPA Free
    • All products are FDA approved and conform to USA “toy” testing standards


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