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Pancakes and Play Instagram Blogger

Lauren is a Texan stay-at-home mama of three. She created her Instagram page, Pancakes and Play, to provide parents with easy recipes to get their kids helping in the kitchen and simple activities they can do as a family. Her goal is to show parents fun, hands on ways to keep their little ones entertained without the use of a screen.

Lauren and her kids enjoy cooking together, conducting science experiments, doing art projects, and visiting as many playgrounds as they can!

Exposure is everything when it comes to children and food. Over the years I have found one thing to be true, if they help cook it, they will help eat it.
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Homeschool Educator & Instagram Blogger

Shevonne is a mom of four and a homeschool educator to her two oldest children. She and her kids love being outside as much as possible, whether they’re playing outside in the mud kitchen, finding new bugs, or hiking the trails in North Carolina!

Through her Instagram page, The Homeshool Diary, Shevonne hopes to show that learning can come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t always have to be a formal lesson or sitting at a desk. It can be counting the amount of cups of flour your child puts in the bowl while making banana bread or adding up how many people are coming to your birthday party!

Little everyday opportunities provide the most engaging lessons. Creative play and work is when the most enjoyable learning happens.


ED & ICU Doctor/Mommy

Debbie is an Emergency Medicine and Neurological Intensive Care Physician from San Francisco. As a 100% working mom with two young kiddos, Debbie wants her followers to know, while it’s not always perfect, she tries her best to juggle it all because she values her children having role models in all aspects of their life – especially right at home.

Debbie and her kids enjoy cooking, baking, traveling, gardening and living through experiences together! Her favorite thing about being a mommy is that every kids’ milestone and accomplishment feels a million times better than her own.

Cooking and gardening gives us all a better sense of appreciation of the hard work that goes into what we consume and what we actually put into our bodies.


Registered Dietitian & Fun with Food Blogger

Sari is a Registered Dietitian specializing in kids and families. As a dietitian, Sari is all about making food fun and accessible to everyone. She works in a pediatrician’s office and sees clients privately through her private nutrition practice, Fun with Food.

Sari lives in New York City with her husband, her two little ones, and their Instagram famous dog, Taco. As a family, they love going to museums, spending time along the waterfront, and cooking yummy Mexican food together!

A big part of the health education I do is about empowering the child. The more they can take responsibility for their food, the more independent they’ll become in making healthy choices.


Entrepreneur. Motherprenuer. Co-founder of the Bennett Foundation.

Pele is an entrepreneur mama of three girls. Together, she and her husband, NFL player Michael Bennett, co-founded the Bennett Foundation with the goal of improving the health and well-being of children and their families.

As a mom of all girls, Pele wants to make sure her kids don’t body-shame themselves through food, but instead think of the nutritional side of it. She loves encouraging them to balance their food throughout the day and make sure they always have something on their plate that is giving back to them. Pele and the girls love to cook, do arts & crafts, and spend time outdoors!

We have a garden at home. So my kids learn plants are like life. If something fails it’s okay to start over and over again, the process is where your strength comes from not only the end results.

How to Become a Curious Brand Ambassador

Learn how you can start representing the Curious Brands online


A Curious Chef Ambassador…

  • Has used (and enjoyed) Curious Chef and/or Curious Gardener products in the past
  • Is a parent, grandparent or legal guardian of one or more children between the ages of three and eight
  • Frequently uses Curious Chef and/or Curious Gardener products to cook and/or garden with the children in their life
  • Is active on at least two of the following social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, or your own website or blog (all social media profiles must be set up as PUBLIC)
  • Fosters an engaged social media community, with a large group of active followers



We expect our Curious Chef Ambassadors to….

  • Use Curious Chef and Curious Gardener frequently
  • Be comfortable sharing photos with us so we can share them on our social media accounts
  • Be able to contribute a minimum of 2-4 social media/blog posts per month featuring Curious Chef and/or Curious gardener products
  • Assist in promoting new product launches, sales, and giveaways



Benefits of being a Curious Chef Ambassador:

  • Receive free Curious Chef and/or Curious Gardener product samples
  • Engage with a close-knit community of people passionate about kids cooking and gardening
  • Be the first to see new products before they are released
  • Have some of your content shared and re-posted
  • Be listed on the Curious Chef website – with links to your blog and social media pages


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